Sunday, July 22, 2012

This is really a bit sick, but...

I really love cleaning. Like, really, really love it to the point that I look forward to deep cleaning the way that most people look forward to vacations or relaxing with a good book or tv program at the end of the day. I'm not kidding. I feel the same way about doing laundry and organising. It's pretty intense.
Luckily, I've gotten my fix this week and it will continue on to the next. We move tomorrow. This weekend has been filled with packing boxes. Of course, you know your girl here, I've already starting preliminary packing weeks ago. Why delay gratification?
Tomorrow, our movers come and we will be whisked away to our new place in St Kilda. I've posted this link before on Facebook, but just in case, please have a look and learn about our new neighbourhood.,_Victoria
We were at our place last night, poking around. We rode our bikes down to the new place, parked them in the garage, then walked to a local Mexican restaurant called Radio Mexico. The good news? They have the best margaritas in Melbourne and the restaurant is a twenty minute walk from my house. This is good. Very good.

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