Sunday, July 22, 2012

The New Place

I credit my mother and my Aunt Linda for instilling my love of antiques and old buildings. Growing up, they taught me about history through their vast collections of fascinating curios and memorable mini-road trips throughout the small towns of upstate New York and rural Georgia. It's no wonder that I gravitate towards living in old buildings and purposefully seek out places with a past that is at least seventy years old.

I have such a soft spot for Art Deco. Our place in Minneapolis was Art Deco and I really loved that apartment. St Kilda is known for having heaps of Art Deco buildings, which is probably one of the subconscious reasons we decided to move there. Our new place is really cool. It's located on a busy commercial street that leads down to the beach. Our balcony overlooks both Albert Park and the St Kilda Cricket Grounds. I'll post some more photos of the neighbourhood after we get settled, but for now, here are some pre-move-in photos. x

I love a building with a name. To the left is the study, the column is the staircase, and to the right is our balcony

We live on the top floor.

Many Australian homes have open-floor living plans. Our apartment is designed in more of a continental (European) style. This is the main hallway and every single room (with the exception of the kitchen) has its own door. 

The study

The lounge room

The lounge room leads out the balcony. This is the view towards Albert Park. If you look straight ahead from the balcony, you'd see the cricket grounds and a view of the skyline (although it is somewhat obscured by this giant old gum tree you see to the right).

The tile at the entrance matches the tile in the bathroom.



Just a quick glimpse of the kitchen
Back outside again

Our downstairs neighbours have this funny plastic leg in their window. Can you see it? Immediately I think of A Christmas Story and that hilarious lamp.
I must be meet these neighbours ASAP.


  1. Cool!!! it looks great. :-) I like your deco font too...

  2. I love how you caught that, C! :)